Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homemade dog bed saves $189

$189, the cost of an extra-large, down alternative-filled dog bed from L.L.Bean. Sure, I probably could have gotten his name embroidered on it somehow.

Tomorrow our boy, a 4 year old, retired racer, comes to his forever home... HERE!

We've been making him a stand for his dog food. Once it's finished, I'll post about it. While the kids napped today, I found an old, worn-out, haven't been used in years, down-alternative comforter. Perfect!

The twins are "helping" me fold it up.

Finished and ready!
First, I folded the Queen-sized comforter in half and sewed, carefully, a 1" seem along all 4 edges. This left me with a giant rectangle.  Fold once more to make a square and sew, again, a 1" seem along all 4 edges.

Hopefully he likes it! I'll keep you updated!


  1. Very smart repurposing there! Good luck on your newest addition!

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