Saturday, October 22, 2011

Upcycled shelf

We've just adopted a 4 year old retired racer and in an effort to prepare our home for his arrival we had to figure out a way to raise his food dish. There's no way I'd pay retail for a food stand.

We found this old piece of shelving (from the 60's, maybe?) in the coal chamber of our basement.

We cleaned it with vinegar/water solution and sanded it down. (And by "we", I totally mean my amazing husband that always goes along with my crazy ideas).

Measured to make sure the large 8" bowls would fit. *whew* It was close. 11/2" on each side to spare.

My husband cut and sanded the holes for Cooper's food and water dish on the top shelf. And then repeated the measuring, cut and sanding on the bottom shelf for the smaller dishes for our chihuahua.

We primed it, painted it and then *knock knock*... he was HOME! We still need to do a 2nd coat of paint... and I have an idea to fancy it up a bit. ;) So stay tuned!


  1. That is so cute how you put the little bowls for your little dog to reach - I'd love to see a picture of them both eating side by side.

  2. I love the bi-level bowls! I have three dogs..two little jack russell mixes and a white german shephard. This would be great for them!