Monday, November 7, 2011

How to make that turkey clip you see on Pinterest.

My homemade turkey clip.

Have you seen these adorable turkey hair clips on Pinterest?  This is how I made some myself:

First, I hotglued some orange ribbon to cover the clip. Then, I attached a yellow loop with hot glue.
Next, a red ribbon figure eight.
Then, a green ribbon figure eight.

To get the right size, I used a Sharpee marker and made wrapped brown ribbon around it 3 times. Securing each end with a small amount of hot glue. Be careful not to glue your ribbon TO the marker. Only glue the ribbon to itself. This way it will slide right off.
Attach the "head" you made with the Sharpee to the clip. Leave room for the body! Repeat the same thing for the body but you want the loops to be slightly larger. I, carefully, did these by hand using my fingers.
Attach the "body" to the clip. Then, a teeny piece of red attached to the face makes the little gobbler thing. An even smaller triangle cut from orange ribbon makes a beak.  

Don't forget to seal your cut ends with a lighter or Fray Check. (I use the lighter method.)


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