Thursday, November 3, 2011

A blank slate - need your help!

Yesterday I really did it. I mean really, really did it. I was tired of looking at this old, unused piano. I knew that it was too heavy for me to move myself. Even too heavy for my husband and I to move it. So I did what any warrior woman on a mission would do.

I took it apart, piece by piece, until all of it was outside. HA! Was my husband surprised, or what!

But now I have a fresh blank wall ready for something - something fresh and new. I'm thinking of a faux fireplace like some of these here, but I am open to other ideas. What do you think?


  1. I like that idea of a fauz fireplace. If not, definitely some sort of shelf so you can add little pieces of decor there. I also saw a really fun display of mirrors & plates hung on a wall before. Good luck!

  2. I like the fireplace idea...or maybe a pretty buffet? Ooo, or a window seat with storage. I love a good cuddle spot like that :)