Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kitchen Window

My kitchen window  looking out towards our side yard. 

I spend many, many hours each day at the kitchen sink and looking out this window. Why not fill it with things that make me happy and fill my heart with love?

Starting at the top, you'll notice the hanging bats. These were made following these directions from Martha Stewart's website.  I loved them too much to hang them on the porch so I hung them here in the window where they slowly sway and rotate.

Further down on the window I've hung two Halloween necklace crafts that our oldest daughter had made a few years ago. I love their imperfections.

Lined up along the window sill are 8 Fiesta Ware cups and saucers. This was a gift from my mother-in-law a few months back and I just couldn't stand keeping them tucked away in a cabinet. I love their cheerful colors.  At the start of fall, I didn't want to put them away for the season so I draped some leaf garland around them and placed my Halloween candle things, and my old dollar store crow, on top.

I love this window. As I said earlier, I spend a lot of time here. I think the reason I love it the most is because I get to watch my oldest daughter get on and off the bus from this window. When she's waiting for the bus, she will swing in the over-sized swing hanging from our huge black walnut tree.

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