Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to make the Christmas tree clip you see on Pinterest

Supplies: Lighter (or Fray Check), scissors, hairclip, yellow, green & brown ribbon, hot glue gun.
Cut the green ribbon as shown. 2 shorter strips (about 1 1/2"), 2 medium strips (about 2") and 2 long strips (about 2 1/2")
Cut a 2 1/2" strip (or thereabout) of yellow ribbon.
Cut and glue the brown ribbon to cover the side and top of clip. The brown is the tree trunk.

With a teeny dab of hot glue, secure the ends of each ribbon together as shown. It will look like a teardrop.

Glue each "teardrop" to it's mate as shown.

Starting with the larger loops, attach with glue to he middle of the clip. Then, glue the middle loops slightly above the larger loops and finally, the smallest loops slightly above the middle loops.

Tie a small bow with the yellow ribbon and secure with hot glue to the top of your "tree".

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