Monday, October 10, 2011

Mr. Spooky Ooky

Prior to the twins, I had these things called time and energy. I had made these tombstones out of large sheets of Styrofoam insulation, a Dremel, and various paints.
It was a long, messy project that took weeks to make three.

This was our first Halloween in our first home. You can see the 3 gravestones I made and the monument (far right) that Super-Hub made.

We also made our first Mr. Spooky Ooky. He's a Styrofoam manequin head purchased from Hobby Lobby, some chicken wire, a broom stick, some zip-ties and old sheets. First Mr. Spooky Ooky was stolen directly from our side yard. We had him lit up with a blue spotlight that made him appear to glow in that creepy "night vision" green color.

Last year we didn't make a new one - too sleep deprived from the twins - but this year we made Second Mr. Spooky Ooky and attached him securely to the front porch. :) We live on a busy street and enjoy watching people drive by look at him since he looks very real.

I am easily amused.

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